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Walking Blind

Posted by on Dec 12, 2011 in Thoughts from the Nest | 0 comments

When I was a kid walking home from elementary school, I always used to play this game with myself where I’d close my eyes and see how long I dared to walk before I got nervous and had to look. As lame as it may seem, it’s hard to let yourself be vulnerable like this — walking forward without being 100% sure where you’re going.

In so many ways this is a metaphor for my life. Like many women I know, I have this need to be not only watching, but planning every step ahead. It’s totally scary to let go, but it’s sort of liberating to just take a moment to close my eyes and let life happen no matter what lies ahead. When you don’t have a set path, it can also help your stress with being “in the right place” when the right place is right now.

Now when I am on my walks with miss Daisy I still find myself playing this little game. Like life, she’s a bitch, so it’s perfect training for the real thing. Try it. I just take a deep breath and hold on with trust she’ll guide me the right way. The first few seconds are fine, but as I even go 6-10 seconds in, I find myself freaking out. Just push through it. You’ll find you are so much more aware of your surroundingsĀ when you just live in the moment, sun shining through your eyelids and breeze blowing through your hair. And when you can appreciate the moment, there’s little room to stress about where you “should” be.


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