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Tips for an Easy Kids Birthday Party

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Tips for an Easy Kids Birthday Party

First of all, I can’t believe my baby is two!! I swear the second year went faster than his first. Ahhh! Now that I’m done sobbing, I just planned the easiest and one of the most fun parties ever for his second birthday. We spent his actual birthday in Disneyworld, so between coming back from a week away and spending plenty of money along the way, I needed something simple. Now you know I LOVE to host parties with lots of custom, DIY details, but honestly with everything going on and a more limited budget than I was planning initially, I decided I needed to simplify. I learned some good tips along the way, so I thought I would share!!

tips for an easy kids birthday party

Go Off Site

This may seem counter intuitive since many think it would be easier to have a party at home. Picking an off site location can often simplify your party because you don’t have to clean, come up with tons of activities, do as much (if anything) to decorate, and then clean again. Sometimes the price tag of various activity places can be prohibitive if that’s a factor, but from as cheap as local parks to expensive as amusement parks, going for off site entertainment can make coordinating a fun kids party simpler. For me, I was able to get fun and inexpensive. I picked Discovery Gateway which is a children’s museum we have a membership to so we were free. We chose a Sunday since admission was cheaper and since it was my son’s second birthday, most of his little friends are under 2, and therefore were free so we just covered the adults. Look for discounted admission and free admission for kids and it may not be as expensive as you’d think!

Choose Snack Time 

When setting your time, you may consider naptime as a factor, but otherwise select a time that generally doesn’t align with a full meal. Breakfast, lunch or dinner for a whole group is a lot more to manage off site, where if you pick a time like 11am or 3pm, you can serve snacks and cake and call it good. We picked 3pm since it steered clear of most naptimes and was a perfect time to just eat cupcakes and drinks before we played! Easy Birthday


Depending on the cost of your location and scope of activities, you could skip favors all together. To be honest, most parties I go to, people forget to take favors altogether, so if you’re going to do something, pick something good and hand it out at the beginning. For me I wanted to have favors just since they are fun for the kids, and of course I could count on Target’s dollar section for these adorable pop up books! I grabbed some cello bags and a few other goodies the kids would have fun with (glow bracelets 15/$1, noise makers 12/$1, and a pack of fruit snacks).

Order A Special Treat

Now I do love to bake, but ordering out you cake or cupcakes is a great way to simplify your to do list. My dear friend Haley of White Barn Bakery makes scrumptious cupcakes, and since I wasn’t doing any other food really so I was definitely in budget, it was absolutely worth paying to have them made.

easy toddler birthday party

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DIY Cupcake Box

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Yesterday was my dear friend, Ashley’s, birthday and so I thought what better way to celebrate than with a cupcake? Of course, I already bought her gift of earrings on my trip this last summer to Peru, so I went for the next best thing — a cupcake gift box.

Customize the colors, add a little sparkle and a cherry, and you have yourself a super fun way to dress up a birthday gift.

Here’s what you need:

1 cupcake box (or a few if you want to make several for friends)

2 shades of acrylic pant (the cheap kind will do)

1 small bottle of glitter

red cotton ball for the cherry

clear-drying glue

I found these cupcake boxes at my local Joanne’s, though they may have them at other craft stores. ¬†Next I put down some newspaper and painted them in the desired colors. It took about three coats for the colored and four coats for the white. Take the top and lightly paint it with a thin coat of glue. Hold over a paper plate and immediately sprinkle with glitter, ensuring it stays on the surface. Let dry for 30-60 minutes.

Add a big daub of glue to the bottom of the cotton cherry and press it firmly to the top of the cupcake top.

Let dry overnight, or follow the drying directions of your glue and paint. Add in your little gifts, and voila!

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