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30 Healthy Replacements for Cravings

Posted by on Nov 3, 2013 in Clean eating, Healthy Recipes | 0 comments

30 healthy craving replacements

One challenge of eating clean is avoiding cravings. Several years ago when I was tracking what I ate I listened to my body and started noticing my cravings were usually distinctly sweet or salty. I wanted a cookie, but a little oatmeal did the job. Or Doritos sounded like just what I wanted but somehow a bowl of veggies with some salt and spices was almost more fulfilling. As I paid attention more and more I could tell when my body wanted something I could replace versus directly craving one specific food. After all, sometimes your body really wants a nutrient and you might stuff your face more “eating around” it than just giving in.

So after a few years of experimenting, I have found a list of replacement foods for various cravings. I’ll divide them by sweet and salty/savory since that’s how I tend to crave. But my overall rule of thumb for replacement success is to match both the sweet/salt craving with ingredients in them. For example, cookie may mean I’m craving sweet plus carbs. Ice cream, sweet plus dairy. Hamburger = salt + protein. Chips I may want salty and crunchy. Most of my suggestions are fast since most of the things you’re combatting are too. Gotta make these quick if you want to talk yourself out of them, right?

Have something you crave? Tell me and I will try to come up with a replacement!


Oatmeal (add a little brown sugar, semi-sweet chocolate chips, nuts, fruit or dried fruit if it needs a kick)
Fruit dipped in semi-sweet chocolate
Whole grain cereal
Fruit and veggie smoothie
Tea with honey
Whole grain raisin bread (sparingly, but better than some desserts)
Banana with peanut butter
Green smoothie (good when I’m craving a shake!)
Healthy banana bread
Mints or gum
Frozen fruit eaten like a Popsicle
Chai latte


Bowl of cooked veggies with salt (just pop frozen vegetables of choice in the microwave)
Fresh vegetables with or without dip
Popcorn (air popped with a tiny olive oil and salt)
Eggs (hard boiled, scrambled, however you prefer)
Whole wheat toast
Slices of lunch meat
Low fat string cheese
Cottage cheese
Whole wheat crackers and salsa
Rotisserie chicken
Tortilla with avocado, salt and pepper
Sliced tomatoes with salt
V8 or similar juice
Black bean burrito

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