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Best Friends for Life

Posted by on Jan 25, 2013 in My Life, Pregnancy | 0 comments

My best friend, Alyssa, and I have been friends since we were about 8-years-old, growing up figure skating together. I actually gave this little speech when I was maid of honor in her wedding, but I remember a conversation we had one summer when we were about 12 planning how cool our lives would be if we grew up and married guys that were best friends. In this dream world, we’d get married together, work together, live next door to each other and then have babies at the same time, all with the men of our dreams who’d be best of pals. This is the same perfect world where playing M.A.S.H. actually determined your future destiny. Pretty far-fetched, right?

Well amazingly our lives haven’t been too far off. We dated our husbands, Nate and Rob, for about 7 years before we got married. Let’s just say the guys love each other. Through the years we’ve regularly joked about their “bromance” with their late night talks about their friendship to their petty girl fights over stupid stuff. Ironically Alyssa and I, in our history, rarely have had silly girl fights like them, despite the fact that we were actually friends as little girls.

We got engaged about a week and a half apart, then married four weeks from each other. We were each other’s maids of honor and the boys were each groomsmen. We were both sky high in wedding planning,  bridal showers, and bachelorette parties as we were each other’s maids of honor. That was one crazy year!

Then I started a new job, and since it’s pretty much the best company ever, about a year later I referred Alyssa to working there as well. As if we didn’t already spend enough time together, I work with her everyday now.

At our work Christmas party

Since everything from those far-fetched, juvenile plans seemed to be working out, we said we were obligated to have babies together next. Clearly we waited until we were ready independently, but sure enough our due dates are eight weeks apart. To add to it, we are both having boys, so surely these two little guys will be buddies. I have really tried to enjoy the whole process of pregnancy, but it’s definitely more fun to experience it with my best friend.

Since it was just too perfect that we’re both pregnant with our first babies at the same time, we had to follow through with a photo or two! Because we’re dorks like that.

Baby Kaldahl and Baby Fairbanks

So what’s next? I guess the next thing on our list is buying houses next door, or perhaps we could settle for the same neighborhood. Hopefully M.A.S.H. really is real and they will be mansions. Or maybe we’ll have a round of girls for our next babes, our children can get married and we can grow old together spoiling our grandkids. Ahhh, only time will tell, but for now we’ll take in our sweet life.



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