Welcome 2014!

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Alright, time to start fresh. It’s the new year! Last year I didn’t make too many resolutions seeing as I was 8 months pregnant and wasn’t too sure what I was getting into. So I didn’t really make any particular goals other than to fully enjoy my time with my baby. I think I get a big check ??for that one! I have adored every moment I get to spend with my little guy and I love the joy he spreads to my family and friends as well. He truly is a blessing!

Anyway so one thing I love is having a date night to write out resolutions before the new year comes. Then we can set goals individually and as a couple so we can support each other. We had one such date planned, but then me and baby Z came down with a nasty cold (that we still have today, boo!) so we haven’t totally finished.

But one thing I know I want to add to my list is more blogging! A lot of life has gotten in the way of that, so I’m setting what I think is an entirely realistic goal of at least once a week. Hopefully more, but weekly bare minimum.

I will share more when I have them, bit in the meantime, happy new year!


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