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An Artist’s Review of Paint Nite

Posted by on Apr 7, 2015 in Reviews | 1 comment

Last night my friends and I went to Paint Nite at Red Rock in Fashion Place Mall. This was my second time attending a Paint Nite event, so as an artist myself, I wanted to share my perspective and review my experience.

review of paint nite

Overall, both times I have gone have been excellent! It was a relaxed atmosphere, everything was organized, and the focus is really on just having a good time, not your painting skills. They even make you do a silly pledge at the beginning essentially promising you will have fun and not bash on yourself or compare your painting to anyone else’s. Both times I heard some people going into it fairly timidly with their “lack of art skills” and ended it off feeling proud of how they did.

The instructor walks you through step by step, but welcomes you to break the rules if you feel comfortable doing so. I, of course, like to make it up myself a bit, so I liked the freedom to make it my own. Now, acrylic isn’t my usual medium (although I’ve been getting into it a little more recently), but it was easy to follow along even all being at different levels. It’s so cool to look around the room at the end and compare everyone’s different interpretations! I heard several people saying to each other that they saw someone else doing something and which inspired them to do that too. Some might call that “copying” but I think it’s great — everyone mutually sharing ideas and pushing themselves a little out of their comfort zones. Also, I think art is so beneficial for anyone, so anything to get more people experiencing it is awesome. It’s so good for the soul!

IMG_8025 copy

The whole thing is all about just having a good time and relaxing. Both times I had friends with literally no painting experience that did excellent. Even if you get to the end and aren’t totally in love with it, just the act of painting, having a glass of wine (or whatever your vice is) and hanging with your friends is a blast. Maybe this is a little skewed since I am a mom of a toddler and would think taking a shower uninterrupted is a great luxury, but still. Also, I might add I could do this myself for free at home as I have my own acrylics, wine, and canvas, but doing it in a different setting at a time that forces me to just chill is worth it. Totally a fun evening!

The other cool thing was hearing our instructor talk about how this job has benefited him. He a young artist with student loans to pay off (I mean haven’t we all been there?! Ugh) who had never actually been paid to paint. He said this job has totally changed his life, so that was pretty cool to hear too!


my finished piece

If you want more info on signing up, you can check it out here! Also, just not note, this is not a sponsored post — it’s just my review.


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  1. Rachel

    I am going to a Paint Nite event soon. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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