Chilled American Flag Waffles

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Happy (almost) Independence Day! Yay for three-day weekends. I love having celebratory breakfasts on holidays, but to be honest in the middle of July it’s so freaking hot the thought of cooking is almost impossible 90% of the time. What’s great about these waffles is not only are they chilled so you don’t feel too hot eating a warm meal, but they are also make ahead so you can wake up on your weekend, assemble and voila! And if you have kiddos, they will love helping to make these flags too!

american flag waffle recipe


Waffles (I used this Pioneer Woman recipe)

vanilla Greek yogurt

blueberries (about 9 per waffle)

strawberries (1-2 per waffle), sliced

bananas (1/4 per waffle), sliced


Make waffles the day before, let cool to room temperature, then store in a large sealed bag. When you’re ready to serve, spread Greek yogurt across the waffle, then assemble fruit into a flag. Enjoy!

american flag waffle recipe

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