Best Friends Since Birth

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Remember a few months ago when I told the story of me and my best friend and how we made our childhood dreams playing M.A.S.H. come true? Okay, minus the mansions next door. Still working on that.


Besties and babies

You can read the whole story here, but to sum it up, we got engaged to our long time boyfriends a week an a half apart, about 10 months later got married 4 weeks apart, and 3 1/2 years later were due with baby boys 8 weeks apart. Oh and our hubbies are good friends and we work together. To say we live parallel lives is an understatement.

Well since then I welcomed my little Zachary into the world and exactly 9 weeks later she welcomed her William, or Liam, into the world. Now get this — not only were they born in the same hospital, but as fate would have it they were born in the same room of the hospital. You can’t make that stuff up! Pretty trippy. Obviously they are destined to be best friends just like their mommies and daddies.


Proud grandmas


Proud papas

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