Baby’s First Year | Month-by-Month Photos

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I’m just getting around to blogging Zach’s first year of baby photos. What?! I know, he’s two. But looking back now on how much he changed that first year is just so crazy. And, let’s be honest, makes me a tiny bit baby hungry. Just a tiny bit. Probably because I forgot how hard it was — motherhood is good like that.

Anyway, I had a lot of different ideas for his first year photos, but I decided to do one with both of us and cute little notes on how much he was growing and what new he was developing, mostly for my own memory! Plus it was fun to share with friends and family each month to get an update on my little guy. I also put a Sticky Bellies month by month stickers on him, and was really grateful to have been holding him for these toward the second half of  he year since he always wanted to roll away and take the sticker off otherwise! Ha!

Baby's First Year Month by Month photos

Looking at them all together is so fun, and I’m sure it will be fun to compare his development with his future sibling’s later down the road. My Zachy is just too cute!

For more ideas, check out my bestie’s blog with more ideas for documenting baby’s first year.

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