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New mom gift idea

Posted by on Mar 9, 2014 in DIY Gifts, Mom tips, Motherhood | 0 comments

My dear friend, Lindsey, just had twins, so of course I couldn’t wait to snuggle them. I mean seriously, look how cute these two are!

Having just been through becoming a new mom myself last year, I wanted to bring her a little something to make the transition easier. I just had one, so I can only imagine two! I remember lots of people brought us delicious, homemade meals (for which I was so grateful), but I found myself in the middle of the day and even the middle of the night ravenously hungry and holding a newborn. The problem with this is many of those yummy meals in the fridge can’t be made and/or eaten one handed between what feels like the 800th nursing sesh of the day, diaper changes, naps, and cuddles. And if it can’t be eaten easily, it doesn’t get eaten! I remember my mom brought me a bag full of clementines (which I love!) and they sat on my counter uneaten because I needed another hand to peel them. Sad!

So for this new mama, I decided to put together a box of healthy, easy to eat foods that she can snack on when her hands are full. I picked stuff with plenty of protein and nutrients since those are so important for nursing, especially in those early days while establishing supply and healing from delivery.


Here are a few ideas:
Protein bars
Granola bars
Mixed nuts
Frozen burritos (I ate a lot of those myself!)
Dried fruit
String cheese
Protein/breakfast shake

It’s a nice way to change it up since so many people bring meals, and something that’s definitely appreciated! It was a hit. :)

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