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DIY Dry Erase Chore Board

Posted by on Jan 15, 2012 in DIY | 9 comments

I’ve seen the dry erase board concept quite a lot on Pinterest, but none of them quite had what I was looking for. I like staying organized, and even more so, I like checklists. The satisfaction of checking something off a list is perhaps a little too fulfilling for me. My husband on the other hand — he doesn’t think to do something until I’ve reminded him several times. The last thing I want to be is a nag.

That’s why this chore board is perfect. It has his and hers duties daily, weekly and monthly so you can visually see what else needs to be done and prioritize. Plus mine is all done up on a pretty damask background that matches our style perfectly. Add a little container on the side for a dry erase marker and eraser, and we are on our way to keeping our house clean and orderly.

To make the check list, download this Word doc chore list template here. Customize with your font, names and weekly chores, mount on the 8.5 x 11″ paper of your choice, and frame in a glass panel frame or alternatively you could use a document frame.

To make the marker and eraser container, and cover with the matching paper of your choice.

Step 1: Start with a toilet paper roll and cut out a 3×3″ square. Cut slits in the sides around the base.

Step 2: Add adhesive on all four sides and wrap the paper around the bottom. It’s okay if it’s a little bumpy since you’ll be covering it. Then tape it flat with tape.

Step 3: Cut paper in height and length to fit around the roll, then add adhesive and wrap around the cardboard, making sure it’s secure. If you choose, add another decorative accent layer.

Don't mind my chipped nail polish.

Step 4: Add adhesive to ribbon and wrap around the base. Fold over and create a loop to hang next to your frame. Secure with adhesive or a brad.

I could only find big dry erasers, so when I saw these sponge brushes at the craft store, I knew they’d be an even better solution.

How do you keep track of your chores and to dos?


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  1. K.C.

    I’ve been thinking about getting a dry-erase calendar to keep up with the deadlines but this is much more aesthetically pleasing :) Right now, I use my Google calendar that updates on my phone but I really need something large and visual to keep it fresh on the mind.

    • angie

      Yeah, I live by my Google calendar too, but it’s so nice to have something visual to look at and check off. The thing I didn’t like about dry erase calendars is that I’d have to write stuff in each month — this way helps personalize it just for our needs which I love. They are so super easy to make too!

      • Fleta

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  2. MaryAnne

    Love this idea, I have IKEA glass notice boards but having checklist sheets behind the glass will save me a lot of time! Thanks MaryAnne Bennie

    • Melly

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