DIY Cupcake Box

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Yesterday was my dear friend, Ashley’s, birthday and so I thought what better way to celebrate than with a cupcake? Of course, I already bought her gift of earrings on my trip this last summer to Peru, so I went for the next best thing — a cupcake gift box.

Customize the colors, add a little sparkle and a cherry, and you have yourself a super fun way to dress up a birthday gift.

Here’s what you need:

1 cupcake box (or a few if you want to make several for friends)

2 shades of acrylic pant (the cheap kind will do)

1 small bottle of glitter

red cotton ball for the cherry

clear-drying glue

I found these cupcake boxes at my local Joanne’s, though they may have them at other craft stores. ┬áNext I put down some newspaper and painted them in the desired colors. It took about three coats for the colored and four coats for the white. Take the top and lightly paint it with a thin coat of glue. Hold over a paper plate and immediately sprinkle with glitter, ensuring it stays on the surface. Let dry for 30-60 minutes.

Add a big daub of glue to the bottom of the cotton cherry and press it firmly to the top of the cupcake top.

Let dry overnight, or follow the drying directions of your glue and paint. Add in your little gifts, and voila!

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